The terrain you will encounter in Antarctica, the Arctic, Greenland or Iceland are literally worlds apart.

In Antarctica and Greenland you face large expanses of white desert interspersed with crevasses, submerged mountain ranges (only the summit being shown) and sastrugi. Sastugi occurs when the strong winds carve up the snow and the extreme cold makes these 'waves' the strength of concrete. They can be a real hurdle to weave your way through and cause sledges to continually roll over.

The crevasses will be visible, but sometimes all you see is a slight depression in the snow and you need to move tentatively forward as you prod with your ski pole to test the safety of the snow bridge you are crossing.

If you are heading to the Arctic you face an entirely different world. You are walking on a frozen ocean and this frozen ocean is moving and the ice breaks ups. When it breaks it causes 'open leads' and you have the option to step over them, move around them, put on a dry suit and swim across or convert your sledge into a makeshift raft!

When these leads close they push against each other and begin to pile up. This 'ice rubble' can rise up to 15ft tall and with the continued movement of the ocean, this breaking up and closing of leads creates mile after mile of ice rubble.

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