Your choice of ski, ski poles and footwear are essential as they will take the brunt of your grueling journey. The secret is to make your selection based on simplicity, robustness and ease of repair.

For skis the most effective are the 3-pin binding type fitted to a wide ski of around 180cm (200cm for Antarctica or Greenland) in length. A useful tip if your in a team is to mark your skis with your name, and which ski is left or right.

In Antarctica or Greenland you will need to add skins. Another tip is once the skins are glued is to screw them in place with small flathead screws, and take some spare skin tips as these are easily damaged. Your ski poles should be shortened to match your height with the handles enlarged and some foam tapped to the handles to help prevent excessive cold hands.

When it comes to footwear the Norwegian Alfa Mordre boots are unbeatable. They consist of a woolen inner sock, called a katanker, which are made to measure and a soft outer boot. Some useful tips are to add gortex patches over the heel and toe areas as these can wear out fast. Some adventurers also wear plastic bags between their inner and outer sock to prevent moisture from getting into the katanker.

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