"An inspiring and thought provoking talk. I enjoyed every moment of it."
Deutsche Bank Group

"Arresting but beguiling; Without leaving the room, Sean effortlessly takes audiences on some of the perilous journeys he has taken, giving them an at-times painfully honest account of his treks across frozen lands. Sean is a must-hear hero of the snow. The self-titled Ice Man is a treat to behold and is a truly inspirational speaker. Move over Fiennes, there's a new adventurer in town."
Deputy Editor, Human Resources Magazine

"Sean's talk was extremely well received by our leadership development delegates. His ability to combine a fascinating polar adventure with tangible team leadership lessons gave real added value to our day. I can highly recommend Sean."
Founder, DXM

"Using Sean as a motivational speaker at our sales conference provided the perfect example to demonstrate that through applying self drive, planning and teamwork you can succeed in even the most challenging of situations. The personal account of his experience and the approach he took to meeting his goal enabled the audience to identify with their own personal challenges and feel motivated to being able to achieve them. Undoubtedly he added value to the overall event."
CEO, Nynas Bitumen

"Excellent presentation that I personally think held the audience. I also felt that there was a lot of team / leadership pointers that are applicable to any business - I particularly liked the 'leadershift' concept. Sean used the word team throughout the presentation which again endorsed in my mind what the 200+ people in the audience should 'all be about'. Conflict within teams was discussed and I particularly liked how Sean focused the team on immediate objects that all linked to the overall goal i.e. incremental steps that are mentally manageable but all contrive to achieve the ultimate prize."
Alan Turner, Faculty Business Manager, Faculty of Health and Social Care, Anglia Ruskin University 

"It is very encouraging to see that the Team Management Systems principles which work for Sean in his polar expeditions are the very same I use in my work as an intercultural consultant. His success proves he is doing something right and I suppose I too. Thanks Sean, it was great to meet you."
Jochen Schuppener, Intercultural Consultant

"Take away the sub-zero temperatures and the risks of injury or even death, and you have many comparisons to companies that are in a state of chaos, whether in expansion or contraction. The need to build and train a group of individuals that can operate together as a successful team in highly stressful situations is very necessary in today's global workplace and your lecture gave me some great examples of how you provided strong leadership in this area. I saw direct comparisons to my own experiences within my management group in how constant communication is necessary."
Vice President Image Photo Services

"Visiting Florida, I was able to get the 'Ice Man' to really warm up a local audience. His insight into leadership and teamwork based on his polar adventures created a sense of awe in the group. Sean's wit and engaging personality kept the audience excited and energized. Thanks for the instant energy!"
Managing Director, Success Dynamics International

"Impossible is merely a state of mind....Sean achieves the impossible time and time again."
Expedition team member

"Sean's talk was extremely well received by our leadership development delegates. His ability to combine a fascinating polar adventure with tangible team leadership lessons gave real added value to our day. I can highly recommend Sean."
Founder, DXM

"Sean is a wonderful man - plenty of humility, yet the drive and determination to succeed are clear for all to see. His enormous achievements are the result of skill, careful planning, and an unwavering confidence in his own, and his teams, ability to succeed. He is very helpful to anyone who seeks his input, and he shares his knowledge, advice, and experience freely. I'm proud and privileged to know him, to work with him, and to have him as a friend."
Managing Director, Marcinowicz Ltd

"A truly inspirational speaker, who really brings the power of his experiences to life and makes you want to achieve just a fraction of what he's done. Sean has spoken at several of our client events and always receives excellent feedback."
Managing Director, TMS Development International Ltd

"It was an opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to achieve something I thought was way beyond my capability to do so."
Expedition team member

"Sean had an ability to bring the expedition vision to life which got us all motivated and fired up to achieve success."
Expedition team member

"Sean's content was a great fit to our development programme and was exactly what we were after. His workshop was inspiring, entertaining and included a wealth of lessons on the challenges of high performance team working."
CEO, Finance Industry

"A trustworthy and reliable team player who delivers. Highly motivated with personal and successful experience of organising and executing all aspects of global expeditions in extreme environments."
Royal Marines Major

"Sean's leadership was crucial to our success, particularly when times got difficult!"
Expedition team member

"I most admire the fact that your planning and organisation successfully got you and your team to the start point. I consider that your greatest achievement."
Major General David Pennefather

"Sean is indeed one of those gifted people who can not only do the task, but also paint the picture to others to take them someway to sharing the experiences undertaken."
Director, Paracademy

"A remarkable journey and an historical achievement. Your talk was an inspiration to us all."
Lloyds Bank TSB

"Sean is a regular guest speaker at the London Business School on both the Accelerated Development and Essentials of Leadership Programmes. His inspirational talk offers a different perspective on the challenges of leadership which offers real value to our delegates."
Lorraine Vaun-Davis, Director Accelerated Development Programme & Director Learning Delivery, Executive Education

"I had the opportunity to attend a presentation of Sean during a programme of the London Business School. I was very impressed how he linked his adventure experience with the managerial skills needed for every manager to be successful. The insides of the decision making processes under extreme circumstances, the prerequisites of the recruitment of his team members for his journey, how to manage stress, and how to deal with the interests of the stakeholders, were very helpful for me to use in practice."
Board Member Iveco Magirus AG

"I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and felt the use of a really gripping story to rehearse some of the principles of leadership and team working was an interesting and useful strategy."
Anne Devlin, Deputy Dean, Teaching, Learning & Quality, Faculty of Health & Social Care, Anglia Ruskin University

"Sean brought a new dimension in leadership to our Management Conference. Not only did he give a fascinating description of his polar expedition, he was able to relate how leadership in such extreme circumstances applies to more 'normal' business situations ...I have no hesitation in highly recommending Sean to their organisations."
CEO, Aesica Pharmaceutical

With Sean Chapple's exciting presentation you can say "success is in the air". It was fascinating to discover what leadership skills and tools, such as the Team Management Profile®, enabled him to led his team to the South Pole and back...if you ever have the opportunity to see and hear Sean, then go!."
Jan van der Heide
, Switzerland

"The feedback from ALL the members that attended Sean's speech was outstanding. Sean gave an extraordinarily inspiring lesson on Survival, Competitiveness, Will to Win, Leadership, Team Spirit, Planning, Recruiting, Overcoming Obstacles, Crises Management, Objective Setting, Achievement Celebration and above all it showed us a picture of a different way of facing life in our short existence in this small planet."
CEO, Medtronic

"Sean gets things done. Easy when said quickly but he gets things done thoroughly and with the minimum of fuss. He is highly motivated himself and he motivates highly as a consequence - you don't lead a team to both Poles by being half-hearted. An excellent communicator with unimpeachable integrity, I would recommend Sean to anyone."
Managing Director, Corporate Defence Mechanisms Ltd

"A remarkable journey that is in the finest traditions of the Royal Marines."
Commandant General Royal Marines

"Sean has a record that speaks for itself. This culminated in developing concurrent expeditions to both ends of the globe - both of which were enormously successful. He has demonstrated his skills and enthusiasm in both military and civilian arenas. Sean also takes time to actively support up and coming individuals in an honest and constructive manner."
Fellow Polar explorer

"Sean brought a fresh, inspiring dimension to the leadership discussion at the conference.  The challenges of the expedition connected well to the audience - facing leadership challenges of their own."
COO, Potential Squared

"Motivating, inspiring and entertaining."
President, Rotary Club

"A remarkable journey told with amazing images and video. Sean's ability to engage with the audience was fantastic. Motivating and inspiring."
1st/2nd Parkeston Scout Group

"Your leadership has been an inspiration to others and I congratulate you on completing a remarkable journey."
Major General Andy Keeling

"Mission Accomplished, indeed ! My strongest personal congratulations to you all on a hugely successful expedition. It has caught the imagination of many here in UK and, I expect, around the world. It is an enormous achievement of which we are all very proud. Well done."
Commander-in-Chief Fleet, Royal Navy

"My heartfelt congratulations on your magnificent ski crossing of Iceland. You faced formidable challenges of climate and topography the fact that you completed the task ahead of schedule and in fine spirits is testament to your courage, preparation, fitness and leadership."
Diana The Princess of Wales

"An outstanding achievement."
Lieutenant General Sir Robin Ross

"His session was the highlight of the day.  An engaging speaker, he gave a most informative talk. Relevant to all types of organisations in the public and private sectors, I recommend Sean without hesitation."
Managing Director, Marcinowicz Limited

"Inspiring, fascinating, informative. A powerful development day for our clients that focused on familiar team issues but from a different perspective. Outstanding."
Founder, Mindadrenaline

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