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Sean Chapple
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Sample Pre-marketing text

Sean Chapple is no stranger to the challenges of leadership with over two decades of experience in developing and leading high performance teams in some of the world's most hostile environments. From an earlier career as an Officer in the elite Royal Marines leading men on combat operations to leading world firsts as a Polar explorer he has gained valuable insights and experiences into the harsh realities of leadership and team working.

As a record breaking explorer he has been a pioneering figure in developing high performing teams to achieve some of the most remarkable polar journeys of recent times.  Having planned, managed and led over twenty polar expeditions with more than 700 days living beyond the Arctic and Antarctic Circles and skiing more than 6,500km Sean has earned himself the nickname 'Ice Man®' along the way.

Sean led a 71-day, 2,500 kilometre journey into the heart of Antarctica and back; a journey described as the 'world's toughest journey'. With a success rate of only 5% it is not surprising that more men have walked on the moon than have completed the epic journey.

Sample introduction

"Our next speaker is a specialist in building high performance teams. Having spent a lifetime as a record-breaking polar explorer, he has lead dozens of ordinary people on extreme adventures beyond the Arctic and Antarctic Circles.His insights into achieving higher levels of performance have helped motivate staff and increase productivity from London to Florida, Dubai to Paris. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sean Chapple."

IT, Audio and Visual Requirements

We will liaise direct with event planners to discuss Sean's requirements, however as guide Sean will generally require:

•  A computer with CD/DVD drive, USB port, sound card capable of connection to a speaker system, a graphics card for displaying PowerPoint slides, images and video clips
•  Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
•  Computer projector with additional USB port
•  Lectern with light
•  Projection screen
•  Speakers for a computer
•  Radio microphone system with fresh batteries
•  Controllable lighting

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